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Music should move you,

Music should entertain you.

Music should free your spirit.

Music is the gateway to your soul

And some of the best music to do this is the same music that has been doing it for artists who have risen to the top of their craft:

Paul Simon-Neil Young-Fleetwood Mac-The Eagles-Carly Simon-Moody Blues-Pink Floyd...

and many more


It started innocently enough.....

Rose and Dick sang in a church choir.  They were asked if they would be willing to sing at the 50th wedding anniversary of a couple who were parishioners.    

So they sang at the anniversary.  

It sounded good....

"Let's start a band !"

But they needed a bass player.  Back in "the day", Dick played in a band called Morningside with a bass player named Tom Crane.  It was many years ago!  Was Tom still around?

Well, he was, and he came to a practice and played and sang as good as ever.  

And so here we are.......


Something was missing.  

"give me the beat, boys, and free my soul..."

 Along came Roger Limmer, an accomplished drummer with the same passion for good music as the rest of the band.

And so now....HERE WE ARE!

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